Image: manuel blondeau/mashable

I never thought I’d say this in a million years, but Samsung made a stylus I actually want.

Alongside announcements for its new Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book tablets that come with the most advanced S Pen Samsung’s ever made, the company surprised everyone with a special edition Staedtler-branded S Pen that resembles the iconic black and yellow pencil.

Pencil-like design aside, the Staedtler S Pen works almost exactly like the S Pen that comes included with the new tablets. Hover the 0.7mm tip near the screen and the familiar Samsung Air Command bubble will pop up with a variety of features like Smart Select, Translate and Magnify.

Image: manuel blondeau/mashable

The 0.7mm tip is just as precise as a real pencil.

I tried the Staedtler S Pen on both the Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book for a hot second and it’s remarkable how pencil-like it is. It’s still got the regular S Pen’s 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and the slimmer design is more balanced in your hand.

Though I didn’t have an Apple Pencil on hand to compare it with, I can honestly tell you it’s one of the best tablet styluses I’ve ever used. Plus, it just looks so damn cool.


It feels just like a real pencil. Really.

Image: manuel blondeau/mashable

Green and black or yellow and black. Take your pick.

There’s just one thing that disappoints about the Staedtler S Pen: It’s missing the regular S Pen’s button. Without it, there’s no way to use the useful "Screen-off memo" feature on the Galaxy Tab S3 that lets you write on the screen without needing to turn the entire tablet on.

Image: manuel blondeau/mashable

The Staedtler S Pen is missing the regular S Pen’s button (pictured).

Image: lili sams/mashable

No "Screen-off memo" with the Staedtler S Pen. Booo.

Still, Samsung deserves props for the sweet collaboration. Call me whatever you want for geeking out over a stylus that looks like a Staedtler pencil because I don’t care — it’s awesome.

Neither Samsung nor Staedtler are talking pricing or release yet, but fingers crossed it won’t cost $99 like the Apple Pencil.