Some people are asking themselves if Nightwing night be coming to The CW at some point in the future. Casual comic book fans will know Dick Grayson as trusty sidekick Robin. Of course, in the cinematic versions of the character, he has often spelled franchise doom, but a TV version with his older alter ego Nightwing might just work.

Nightwing in Batcave [Image by The CW]

As reported by Movie Pilot, Nightwing came into being after Grayson became angry with Batman in the comics and choose to go his own way as a costumed vigilante. To do so, he also chose to move from Batman’s shadow in Gotham to Bludhaven. Bludhaven is a sister city of Gotham, but in many ways even darker and more sinister.

Arrow Hints at Nightwing

Arrow, the show that started The CW DC universe, loves to drop Easter Eggs and hints about other characters that are just off screen. For instance, there have been frequent references to Ferris Air, an aircraft company that is closely tied to the Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

In the same way, the show has several times hinted that the Batman universe might be around. Mentions of Bludhaven have cropped up often. So maybe this is how they will get Nightwing in The CW.

Nightwing and Batman [Image by The CW]

The Flash and Nightwing

On the Flash, there was also an Earth 2 reference to Batman – and by extension Nightwing – when the phone of that universe’s Barry Allen show all the names of the Justice League members, including Bruce (Wayne]. Perhaps Nightwing will be introduced from an alternate reality then.

In fact, Supergirl has also had references to Batman when she mentions a crazy vigilante her cousin had worked with. That has to be Batman, so maybe Nightwing comes from Supergirl’s Earth.

Featured Image by The CW]