“Saturday Night Live” took a deep dive into President-elect Donald Trump’s nightmarish tunnel vision.

A digital short titled "Through Donald’s Eyes" portrays Trump as an insecure, sheltered man who looks in the mirror to see the brawny man he wants to be — depicted by WWE wrestler and SNL host John Cena, but with bigger hands.

The abstract skit followed Trump’s waking life: the President-elect shuffling through his bourgeois Manhattan pad in Trump Tower only to have a beauty queen and the "failing" New York Times shatter his reality — and shrink his fingers.

Last week, the sketch comedy show hit a nerve for Trump after actor Alec Baldwin returned to lampoon the real estate magnate’s Twitter antics.

Wrestler John Cena brandishes large, cartoonish hands in a skit called "Through Trump’s Eyes."

Trump lashed out at Baldwin and NBC, calling the show “unwatchable” and “totally biased.”

Trump remained silent on social media during the latest episode but cast member Cecily Strong suggested that he was tuning in regardless.

“I know he’s watching” said Strong, speaking in character during the Weekend Update.

The show also spoofed Trump’s bizarro cabinet picks with Bryan Cranston reviving his acclaimed “Breaking Bad” role as Walter White, the high school science teacher turned meth mastermind, tapped to lead the DEA.

The AMC star said Trump strategist Stephen Bannon discovered him “under the comment section at Breitbart.”

“I’m really surprised he tracked me down because I’ve been off the grid for a while,” said Cranston, as White.

Trump picks up a copy of "The Failing New York Times."

The mustache-twirling TV villain said he was a big fan of Trump’s brash behavior and added that the loathed border wall would be a boon for his unspecified business.

“Nothing comes in from Mexico, meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us,” said White’s smirking Heisenberg alter-ego during his surprise cold open appearance.

SNL castmember Beck Bennett posed as CNN anchor Jake Tapper during a sit down with faux Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway (played by Kate McKinnon) to dissect Trump’s picks to lead the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Labor.

Cecily Strong gives Donald Trump a shout-out: "I know he’s watching."

Earlier this week, Trump announced climate change truther Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt would lead the EPA and fast food mogul Andy Puzder would take over the Department of Labor, despite being opposed to minimum wage increases.

“It’s almost like he picks these people specifically to undermine the agencies they head,” Bennett’s Tapper said to Conway.

“They are not bad, they are alt-good,” said McKinnon, referencing Bannon’s alleged ties to white supremacists under the guise of the alt-right movement.

Bryan Cranston stopped by "Saturday Night Live" to portray Trump’s DEA pick, Walter White.

McKinnon hung up her pantsuits after Democrat Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss in November to mock the Trump flack instead.

She compared Trump’s cabinet appointments to critters who survived his promised swamp drain, thanks to their mutations.